Bitten Eats With: Elizabeth Reaser by Naz Riahi

Name: Elizabeth Reaser
Occupation: Actress
You Know Her FromMad Men, Twilight, True Detective, The Good Wife, Sweet Land (+ a lot of impressive theater work)
Bitten Loves: What's not to love? She's super talented, smart as hell, generous, witty and just kind of glows. Of course we were dying to share a meal with her!

Favorite Restaurants:
Da Luigi (Capri, Italy)
Retrobottega (Rome, Italy)
Chilli Fagara (Hong Kong)
Shibucho (Los Angeles)
Sqirl (Los Angeles)

Most Memorable Meals:
Da Luigi: Sitting next to the Faraglioni, eating Vongole and drinking Prosecco. There's nothing better. 
Soniat House: a small hotel in New Orleans. In the morning, they bring hot biscuits and cafe au lait to your room. It's how I want to live. 
Shibucho: I've only ever done omakase because I'm scared of the chef. It's so frustrating — the waiting, the not knowing — and then it's so delicious. It's erotic. 

So, here's the dog (#HugoTerrier, yes, he has a hashtag because I love him) introduced me to the super talented actress, Elizabeth Reaser. 

He was outside of my local LA coffee shop, while I was inside placing an order, and cozied up to her. They sort of fell for each other and who was I to get in the way. In fact, Hugo started staying with Liz when I was out of town on business—when literally NO ONE ELSE would take him because he was needy monster puppy (the first time I dropped him off I ran away as quickly as possible, afraid she'd change her mind). I like to think that if I hadn't moved back to NYC, Liz and I and our dogs would be bffs—that's how awesome she is. 

Having admired her work in MANY of my favorite shows and films and adoring her sense of humor from afar (thanks, Instagram!), I was thrilled when she agreed to be featured as the inaugural interview in our new Bitten Eats With Stories. Gracious and charming, as always, Liz met me at Sqirl (food magician and power house, Jessica Koslow's Silver Lake joint) for lunch. We chatted, Beyonce, Rhianna, dinner parties and work while swooning over and gorging on the most beautiful, delicious food imaginable. 

The Instagram Story of our lunch + a super deep questions about Beyonce + career advice: