You! Literally, you. Yes. Even if you don’t work in food. Maybe, especially if you don’t work in food. Here’s why…

Bitten is an ideas and inspiration event, designed to invigorate the audience, help them think beyond the confines of their every work and meet, connect and collaborate with people they don’t often come across.

Food is a universal topic. So, we start there. From that, we branch off into design, art, politics, family, creativity, justice, technology, trends, marketing, innovation and so much more.

The goal is to get you away from the office and your computer for the day and to bring you stories and ideas you’ll want to talk about. We want you to go back to your work, full of new ideas. Or perhaps even help you meet someone who’ll change your life in a positive way.

98% of past attendees (from brands such as The Martin Agency, JCrew, Equinox, AmEx, JetBlue, Etsy, Droga5 and many others) say they would attend another Bitten conference. 

Join us!

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